Take advantage of a chance to show leadership as a CHEC Bellmen Officer.

Chief Executive Officer, CEO

  • Make decisions to execute the organization’s vision and mission.
  • Meet regularly with senior committee leadership.
  • Represent the organization in public spaces.

Chief Operating Officer, COO

  • Oversee operations to make sure the organization’s mission is carried out.
  • Co-lead with president to put into action the organization’s vision and mission.
  • Support other officers in committing to their duties.

Chief Information Officer, CIO

  • Director of media and marketing.
  • Manage organization website.
  • Manage organization social media.

Commander in Chief

  • Motivate organizational members to uphold the vision and mission.
  • Advocate for peers in times of need.
  • Maintain order in organization activities.

Director of Events

  • Plan and design group experiences (field trips, guests speakers, showcases, etc.)
  • Document the organization’s activities.
  • Manage promotion of the organization.

To apply, submit your resume and cover letter to checbellmen@gmail.com

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